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March 10, 2017
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Drama is an Artistic Form involving dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage or other platform in front of an audience. It uses combinations of speech, gesture, music, dance, sound, spectacle or any one or more elements of the other performing arts to bring forth a work of art. Drama Careers in India have not been, much pursued one as they cater to only a select audiences whose numbers are decreasing day by day. Exclusive career option in the drama is not enough to make a decent or even a living.

Drama or theatre is more of a part time passion or profession. Therefore, drama artistes have to substantiate their income from other sources of entertainment or their other preferred mode of employment. Drama, none the less is a great teacher for budding actors or performers. Skills acquired in this field are transferable skills. These skills can and are utilized effectively in other popular formats of entertainment. Various Drama Forms include narrative dialogue plays, musicals, opera, ballet, Illusion, mime, classical dance, kabuki, mummers’ plays, improvisational theatre, stand-up comedy, pantomime and other Non-conventional forms.

Drama is akin to Acting but has a different platform which is restricted to theater, radio, or television. As a subject of study or discipline, its curricula are alien to Academic or Critical Studies. Drama Studies include learning about the history and theory of dramatic literature in addition to studying plays and playwrights. Artists who participate in these arts in front of an audience are called performers, including actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers. Drama or Plays are used in conjunction with Theatre or Theatrical studies which has a technical background rather than dramatic one.

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